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Delta Green BV is a reliable extension to your company for the supply of excellent plant material


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Our more than twenty years of experience in the sector give a solid foundation for trust. You can be sure of the best quality as all products are checked intensively (more intensively than elsewhere in Europe), both by us personally and by the independent inspection agency NAKT. Delta Green BV gives growers top quality advice, where desirable and possible.

Our products

You can contact us for all the products below. They are grown by suppliers with whom we collaborate closely, which is why we are able to guarantee excellent quality. Where applicable, all our deliveries are of Elite material: disease-free plant material of the highest quality. 

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'Delta Green supplies raw materials for European growers. Good quality end products need too quality raw materials.'
Abe Blikman

About Delta Green

Delta Green BV was established in 1990 by Lammert Blikman. His sound background in farming and a modern business structure have enabled our company to grow into a significant and reliable player in the market over the past twenty years.

Of course, our intensive collaboration with plant breeders, growers and inspection agencies in the Netherlands has played a big part in this success.

Delta Green BV has enjoyed healthy growth since Abe Blikman joined the company in 2006. 

Abe Blikman